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Virago Hair Serum - Anti Hair Loss & Hair Growth Serum

Virago Hair Serum - Anti Hair Loss & Hair Growth Serum

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Anti-Hair Loss, Hair Growth Formulation:
Virago Hair Serum stimulated hair growth and fight against hair loss. Hair loss is caused by imbalance of hair growth changes in the proportion of anagen and telogen hair and a decrease of anagen phase leading to shorter and thinner hair. Virago Hair Serum activate the dermal papilla to induce hair growth, noggin the telogen phase and promote activity of new anagen phase with the help of fibroblast growth factor. Virago Hair Serum formulation allowing for a normal hair growth which to thicker fuller looking hair. The formula helps enhances the overall conditions of the scalp, encouraging the healing of damage hair follicles and increased circulation of nutrients to promote healthy hair.

Hair serum
Hair regrowth serum
Anti Hair Loss Formulation

Steps to follow:

1. Twist the cap of bottle to your right to get the pump out of the cap.
2. Press the pump to have the Virago Hair Serum in the nozzle.
3. Re-twist the cap to your right again to get the pump in hand for Virago Hair Serum application.

Direction of use:

1: Apply Virago Hair Serum through nozzle to the affected areas of the scalp you wish to treat.
2: Massage the area of application for minimum 5 minutes and leave the hair un-washed for minimum 8 hours (Preferably over night).
3: Repeat steps 1 & 2 every other day still the serum is used.
4: For better result apply twice daily.

Shipping Time

Shipping within Pakistan 3-5 Days.
Shipping in Middle East 5-12 Days.

Disclaimer : Results may vary from person to person depending on location, skin type, sensitivity, age, combination of skin care products. If any problem arises contact our experts. View full details